Deep Dish Dani

i mentioned to my mom that i got a really good ice cream on sale last week and she, in a very serious tone said “Oh my goodness that is great! I was worried that you weren’t eating well out there.” 

She was honestly concerned that i wasn’t eating treats and snacks and tasty foods out here. 

I love my mom.

This happened! 
We got off at the wrong bus stop and accidentally found Threadless Head Quarters! Cool job, us! They are having an event on Thursday and the girl at the desk was such a gem and gave me the invite link soooo guess who is gonna hang out with some Chicago designers and eat snacks this week?

This girl.

Yo! So holidays are happening fairly soon and since people want to give gifts and I have a pile of debt and also make things, I figured I would open up a shop type deal. There are prints, iPhone cases and skins, iPad cases, and laptop cases available. I will be making more images available soon too. So, if you’re looking to support the arts this holiday season or just feel like being cool… I sell things now. You can also message me privately if you are interested in any functional ceramic ware (mugs, bowls, etc.)

Thanks guys!

update on my to do list:

-the biscuits are so freaking good. i put cheese in them.
-i made 5 mugs, 6 bowls, and 2 forms for class. champ style. 
-today i need to shoot some medium format, hopefully i don’t screw it all up.